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BTom Drums

Handcrafted Custom Drums

Specially shaped solid wood instruments and accessories made by special milling and surface treatment processes from Hungary.

About me

My name is Tamás „Banjo” Bendl. However despite of my nickname, I haven’t chosen that instrument. I’m a player and drum tester in my free time. … and I’m a dreamer…

I have my small home and familiar workshop with all the machinery. The BTom drum shells are made here with vocation, perseverance and enthusiasm to you.

Are you interested?


Thanks to the different type of wood used as material, the stave drums can sound differently. A drum can be made of different types of wood and the sound changes according to that.

The sound reaches its limits when the tuning of the plywood shell is finished. Then comes the change in the sound image of the solid wood drum. This makes the solid wood drums unique. This is the speciality of solid wood drum shell

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Bendl Tamás
BTom Custom Drums
VAT Number: 66118297-1-28

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the art of woodworking from hungary.

Be a part my story.