In the hungarian Papp László stadium in the year 2011


unique wodden DRUMSTICK.

With the size2A, 5A, 5A plus, 5B, 5B plus, 7A, Rock, Rock plus



Serial production from different wood types: teak, mahogany, oak, hornbeam, ash, hickory.

With varnished surface or with basic surface treatment (naked version). 

On request with individual logo printing. 

Minimum order 5 pair. Quantity discount from 10 pair.


Serial production



Staves and segmented gear milling blocks for a snare and toms woodworking processes

ACCESSORIES and cnc wodden brand

Besides the traditional – cast and machined metal – accessories

I search for special methods to stretch the drumhead. I think that the wooden lugs are important. By using these, the sound can vibrate freely.

No metal is directly connected to the shell of the drum. Thus, the acoustic properties are improved. The wooden lugs must be strong, that is why they are made with metal sleeves.

wodden brand

… for a shells

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BTom T-Shirt

… if you want it. Individual price from 15 euros, plus post. Please contact us.

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instrument rental possibility

Walnut-maple set with doublebass drum
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